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The fishing event was an album tournament for El Salvador because there was a total of 26 published marlin and 338 published sailfish and another great sized mahi-mahi. Mauricio Chavez the honor of being appointed communications director and this indicated being in control of radio and video alterations for each player.

Fish El Salvador

There have been a total of three emotion-packed days and abundant fishing using a total of 26 published marlin and 338 published sailfish and good sized mahi-mahi White Marlin Open. The occasion proved to be an album tournament for El Salvador since the fishing was amazing and there were over 30 participants nationwide and overseas.

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Everything began the afternoon of November 25th at 5:30 am, the ships received the green light and they were away into the blue waters together with the only objective of locating the best places in territorial waters.
A couple of hours had passed the Guatemalan yacht’ Rum Line´ reported that the initially released sailfish. Immediately after the first report that the Pitta brothers radioed the first marlin of the championship at stake, one which sadly wasn’t able to be landed.

These first reports were only the opening scene to a very successful journey of angling for those times to come. In this way, the fishing lasted with several reports of released sailfish before at 9:15 am the intrepid´ reported that the first published marlin of this afternoon. In conclusion for the initial day of fishing, the totals for the first day have been 11 published marlin and 119 published sailfish. The creation on the next day didn’t lag behind.

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There were lots of 22 marlins and 229 sailfish and sadly the afternoon saw more marlin activity on the seas but most got away. Since Mauricio sat there assessing each video at the end of day three, It was remarkable to observe the standard of the game fish located in Salvadoran waters, as well as also an invitation goes out to bikers and travelers to create El Salvador their second stop in their fishing schedule.

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