Events That Could Be Organized With Fun Flicks

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What is truly great about those technical aids is that they may be placed almost anywhere, from a golf course into your home’s backyard. They work well for all sorts of video projections such as action films, blockbusters, experience sequels, brief drama screenings and so forth.


The audio system is intended to supply concert-grade acoustics, so all details on your favorite films will probably be heard PVC Screens. At precisely the exact same time, projection gear which is included with Fun Flicks is of superior quality and functions great in many different weather conditions (color, moderate sunlight, etc). Listed below are only a few Kinds of events Which Can Be coordinated using Fun Flicks:

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Backyard Screenings

Fun Flicks works excellent for people who wish to enjoy an outside film or even arrange a particular movie night with their family and friends. The display size is suitable for all sorts of backyards, being selected according to the asked setup. This sort of event is very good for those times when you have to exhibit a picture to numerous guests from two to 100. If you would like to see a film under the stars together with your nearest and dearest, this is the best setting.

Indoor Movie Shows

Those profiting from a bigger home may also think about putting the inflatable movie screen indoors.

Premiere Movie Occasions

If you would like to arrange a movie screening to your own company at which 100+ guests will be expected to arrive, then you’re also covered by Fun Flicks. Based upon your petition you’ll have live technicians promising video support for you in addition to a larger screen and committed concert-grade speakers. This ensures that no matter the selected screening, everyone will leave fulfilled at the close of the show.

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Business Film Events

If you happen to anticipate 500+ visitors to get there at your picture viewing event, then you are able to ask for a corporate bundle that’s the best that Fun Flicks has to offer you. Large inflatable outdoor displays are prepared for these jobs together with HD 1080p projectors, superior audio system, and onsite theater team. A popcorn machine may also be added for a tiny additional fee for those events in addition to on some of those mentioned previously.

In the end, it is worthy to be noted those who wish to please audiences of 1,000 or guests may choose a committed drive-in film theater with a 32-inch screen to be set up, all courtesy of Fun Flicks. Add an FM transmitter for your occasion and make it a legitimate drive in fashion. Your visitors will love sitting inside their car listening to this film through their own stereo.

Irrespective of whether you are organizing a backyard film night with your family and friends or planning for a corporate picture occasion, there’s absolutely a film rental package that could please you as well as the guests.

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