How to Undertake Professional Caravan Panel Repairs

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It’s not required to substitute a caravan panel once it becomes ruined. It may be adjusted to look like fresh and in a fraction of the expense of a new weapon. The next information is aimed at caravan horizontal panel repairs.

Professional Caravan Panel Repairs

The first phase of the caravan panel fix would be to prepare the damaged location. Be careful to sand in numerous directions. This will show further low and high areas around the dent mandurah caravan repairs. Frequently the damaged region is larger than what it seems. High places will reveal themselves as eloquent locations. Low stains will demonstrate the present paintwork.

Mix together a few automotive filler and hardener (in the ratio of a golf ball into the size of a pea) and smooth to and around the damaged region. Dust spray on the area utilizing black aerosol paint. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes. The black paint highlights some low spots .

Employing a block and 80 grit paper sand in numerous instructions over the full area. Workaround the borders to feather the filler to the whole area. Don’t sand one place for too long since this merely removes the filler. This workout will highlight any areas which are still low.

Skim filler within the region again and repeat the procedure as many times as is required until nonregions return to the amount of the remainder of the panel. Keep applying manual coats with black aerosol paint to assist the sanding procedure. Ensure the filler feathers fully into undamaged regions all over the damaged region.

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Utilize a six inch detail sander using 180 grit paper to over the region to eliminate the 80 git scratches. This sanded region will be as many as 2 inches larger all around the region to make certain all of the scratches are eliminated. Repeat the procedure with 320 grit paper. This region will probably be just another 2 inches larger all around to eliminate all of the 180 scrapes. Eventually examine the region again, and an extra 2 inches around, with reddish scotch to eliminate the 320 grit scratches.

The caravan horizontal panel fix is now ready for painting and sealing. Spray the next coating over a slightly larger place, and also the next coat within a slightly larger area nonetheless. Spray the region with black aerosol paint and then wait patiently for it to dry.

This may highlight any non spots. Feather the primer in the present paintwork in the borders of the fix. If mandatory respray the region to be certain all low and high areas are evened out. Examine the full region which is to be painted with gray scotch to eliminate any 400 scrapes and prepare the present paintwork for paint.

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